Friday, November 22, 2013

Freemasons Leave Their Fingerprints All Over the Crime Scene

Masons worship their beloved satanic symbol, Baphomet

Freemasons often leave their fingerprints on the final scores, halftime scores and statistics when they've fixed a game. And they love to fix games involving my favorite teams to punish me for breaking away from the satanic cult into which I was born.

That might be difficult to believe, but when you understand the satanic nature of Freemasonry, you'll realize that at the top, they're a gang of criminally insane mass murderers who worship Lucifer. And when you break away from the cult, they take it personally, and they don't allow you to live your life without being constantly harasssed in all kinds of bizarre ways. See

I was subjected to satanic ritual abuse when I was a kid in an effort to fracture my mind into multiple personalities so I could be "programmed" to do whatever the cult wanted me to do. That often happens to children born into families with a Masonic tradition. In my case, my father and both of my grandfathers were 33rd-degree Freemasons. That means they were all devil-worshiping satanists.

My father sold me to the CIA when I was a kid so they could use me in their top-secret, illegal mind-control projects. At some point I was able to break away from my "programming," and I was then targeted for destruction. But Masons don't believe in getting revenge in just any old way. When one of their own breaks away, they devise all sorts of cruel strategies to destroy them.

Directed by U of M's Lawrence Kasdan.
That reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, "Body Heat," which was written and directed by University of Michigan graduate Lawrence Kasdan, who also directed "The Big Chill," which was about a group of U of M grads who get together for the funeral of a friend.

Since I graduated from U of M, both movies are loaded with references to me -- more evidence of the Masons' ability to influence the content of Hollywood films. The line in Body Heat that I'm referring to is spoken by the prosecutor played by Ted Danson. In a thinly veiled reference to the Freemasons, he says to Ned Racine, the character played by William Hurt, "They'd rather destroy ya than kill ya, and they hate publicity." See this:
and this:

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. But unless you accept the truth about game-fixing, you'll never be able to understand why Michigan football and basketball teams are chronic underachievers.

The Masons know that I've been a big sports fan ever since I was a kid, that I used to take great pleasure in watching the games and that I earned my living as a sports writer when I first started out in the newspaper business. So they know that fixing the games ruins the fun of it for me and takes away one of my favorite pastimes.

Also, they like to show me how much power they have and how futile it is to resist their way of life when you're born into the cult.
See this:

I'll admit, it does get pretty depressing to see all my favorite teams take a dive every season, year in and year out. But now that I've broken away from the cult, at least I don't have to sacrifice innocent, defenseless children to Satan anymore.

Read all about it on my other blog:

Another thing you have to understand about Freemasonry is their obsession with numbers. Perhaps the most important number of all to them is 33, since the 33rd degree is the highest level of corruption available in Freemasonry. That's why Michigan lost to Florida State, 33-32, in the crooked Orange Bowl game on Dec. 30, 2016.

Other occult numbers with special meaning to Masons include 13 and 6. For more information on The Brotherhood, see this:

Michigan lost to Notre Dame 13-6 in a crooked game in 2012, and that's always a big game for me because I went to Michigan and grew up in Notre Dame country. I lived in South Bend when I was in grade school, and Ara Parseghian's son Mike was a classmate of mine at Thomas Jefferson School in 1964, which was Ara's first year as head coach of the Fighting Irish.

I was in school at Thomas Jefferson on Nov. 22, 1963, when President Kennedy was assassinated by a Masonic conspiracy. It was a CIA operation all the way, and Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent who was framed for the murder. See this:

Among the 33rd-degree Freemasons involved in the cover-up were Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Earl Warren, Gerald Ford and Allen Dulles. See this:

One of the main reasons why the Masons constantly use numbers such as 11, 22 and 63 in reference to me is that I wrote some articles and book reviews that exposed the JFK conspiracy while I was working for the South Bend Tribune in the 1990s.

And since they know Ohio State is Michigan's archrival, the number 63 figures into Ohio State games sometimes as a signal to me that the game was fixed. Ohio State's 63-14 victory over Penn State earlier in 2013 was a case in point. The added significance of that game was that it was one week after Penn State "defeated" Michigan 43-40, so it made Michigan look even worse for losing to Penn State. That gave the Michigan State fix more credibility.

Masons on their infamous checkerboard floor

In addition to those numbers, several other numbers have special significance to the Freemasons because they were significant in my life in some way. These include 26, because I unwittingly married a member of a satanic cult on 6-26-76, or 666 -- the Mark of the Beast; 30, because I was born on June 30, 1955; 55, also because of my birthday; 73, because I graduated from high school that year; 76, because of my wedding date; and 78, because that was the year I graduated from U of M.

Watch for these numbers in the scores of Michigan football and basketball games. They have appeared often in recent years when the fix was in on a game. For example, Michigan lost to Louisville, 82-76, in the NCAA Championship Game in April 2013 in a game that was fixed with help from the referees and their crooked calls.

As far as 55 is concerned, USC scored 55 unanswered points to defeat Notre Dame 55-24 in 1974 in by far the worst loss in Ara Parseghian's career at Notre Dame. Two weeks later, Ara (pictured at left) resigned, even though he was still a young man at the top of his career. He was probably disgusted that he'd been forced to participate in such an obvious fraud.

While that game was being played, I went on a date with the girl I was to marry as part of the Masonic conspiracy to destroy my life. She was from an Irish Catholic family of Notre Dame fans. See this:

The Masons often respond to my blog posts by fixing a game and leaving their telltale fingerprints all over the crime scene. After I posted this information on my blog Nov. 2, 2013, about the number 55 and the Patriots winning the 2002 Super Bowl because of 9-11, the Masons fixed the Pittsburgh-New England game on Nov. 3. The final score was Patriots 55, Steelers 31. Still think that was just a coincidence?

New England made 33 first downs in that game, and former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady completed 23 of 33 passes. And Stevan Ridley gained 115 yards in 26 attempts. So the occult numbers of 23, 26 and 33 also figured prominently in the statistics.

In 2012, Michigan defeated Massachusetts 63-13, Purdue 44-13 and Minnesota 35-13. And they lost to Ohio State 26-21 and to South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, 33-28. All games featuring occult numbers or numbers that have special meaning in my life.

In 2013, Michigan defeated Notre Dame 41-30, Minnesota 42-13 and Indiana 63-47, and they "lost" to Michigan State, 29-6, and Nebraska, 17-13. Again, all final scores involving numbers with hidden meaning.

And on Sept. 20, 2014, Michigan lost at home to Utah, 26-10, despite being heavily favored to win.

I've noticed that when Michigan is required to lose a game deliberately, Masons often leave their fingerprints on the box score. For example, the score by quarters for Michigan in their 29-6 loss to Michigan State in 2013 was 3-3-0-0. Notice the 33?

And when the Michigan basketball team blew a big lead in the second half and lost to Arizona on Dec. 14, 2013, they scored the telltale 33 points in the second half, which was fixed.

The same thing happened in the Ohio State football game in 2012, another game in which the Wolverines were shut out in the second half after scoring 21 points in the first half. The score by quarters for Ohio State was 10 10 3 3 -- 26. There's that pesky 33 again, followed by the signature 26.

In their 23-9 loss to Nebraska in 2013, another game that was obviously fixed, Michigan's score by quarters was 0 6 3 0 -- 9. See that 63 again?

The Masonic numbers game is even more blatant in basketball. For example, in Michigan's 79-60 victory over Wayne State on Nov. 4, 2013, the score at halftime was Michigan 46, Wayne State 30. In the second half, it was Michigan 33, Wayne State 30. The Wolverines shaved points in the second half. Otherwise, they would have won by 30 or more.

On Nov. 8, Michigan shaved points in the first half, struggling to a 23-23 halftime tie with lowly UMass-Lowell. In the second half, the Wolverines were given the green light to play their usual game, and they trounced UML 46-19 en route to a 69-42 victory. In other words, they scored twice as many points in the second half as they did in the first. Doesn't that strike you as the slightest bit suspicious?

It's interesting that the number 23 also figured prominently in the game because 23 is an important number to satanists. See this:

There was even a film made about the number 23. It stars Jim Carrey, it's called "The Number 23," and it was released in 2007. See this:

And the Masons left their fingerprints all over the crime scene again in the football team's 17-13 "loss" to Nebraska in 2013. First Downs: Nebraska 16, Michigan 13. Total plays: Nebraska 66, Michigan 63. Receptions: Devin Funchess 6 for 66 yards; Fitzgerald Touissant, 2 for 33; Jake Butt, 2 for 30.

Speaking of occult numbers, I was just reading about the new Chicago Cubs sacrificial lamb (manager) and noticed that the Cubs finished 66-96 in 2013. See the 666?

Another bizarre Masonic atrocity.


  1. Pittsburgh,that masonic city-architecture is visible there.Located in the local confluence of the Ohio and Allegheeny rivers(local Mesopotamia or Dark Rift in Milky Way) with the 84 story tall Crystall Towers...84 is the number of the Judgement...Just like the war-crimminals,Bush Sr. and Bush jr.,as 41st+43rd "presidents" of the corporate USA,who had attacked the ancient Mesopotamia-Iraq TWICE,just to fulfill their BLOODY MASONIC RITUAL of SACRIFYING innocent blood...

  2. The masonic "secret" is simple. The Maya calendar ended in 5773 A.M.,the year of 2012/13,when our Sun had repolarised at the end of the Great Cosmic Year,lasting 25773 solar years and halfway between the Great Lunar year of 25627 years and 25920 years,the Great Solar Year...Now descends the Bolon Yokte Ku-Black Hole upon our Sun,as the Stela 6 in Tortuguero announces(Tortuguero means Tortureous War,and the Steal was originally T-tav shaped as was the Sol-om-on's Temple,or is the Seagram skyscraper in Jew Yoke City)...The satanic,murderous Skull&Bones(Death worshipping lodge),within the Blue Lodge of the West counts from 9/11,2001 the END OF TIME(S) and REPOLARISATION OF EARTH AXIS and sudden movement of EARTH CRUST,meaning the true APOCALYPSE...The Galactic alignment of our potent Sun with the Black Hole(the 13th house of zodiac)is occuring full 18 years,since 2001. About that was also the Maya Ball Game,the ball symbolised the Sun and the wall rings-the Black Hole...Once the ball passed through the ring-hole,the players were sacrified! Since our potent Sun is 1/4 of an one arc degree wide,and the precession last about 72 years per one arc degree,our Sun will fully overlap the Black Hole(CygnusX1=Swan) after 18 years,from the date and year when the zionist Blue Lodge of the West committed 9/11 sacrificial attacks,killing with one stone three birds...This is also the reason why the British masonic queen symbolises the heavenly queen(Milky Way)and her "sacred bird" is the swan! The Codex Mendoza reveals the Black Hole as 9 ringes/starred Jar/Pot with 11 stars/rings within that Jar/Jug...The masonic USA flag has 9 rows and 11 columns of stars...Since the Black Hole is the 13th house of zodiac(Maya 13 layers of heavens),it is matched by the 13 stripes...Biblical Jacob/Israel has 12 sons and 1 daughter,Dinah,the 13th house of zodiac! The masonic,biblical Hebrews built in middle of the Jordan river(copy of the cosmic river-Milky Way)Gilgal stone-circle from 12 stones,marking the Black Hole as the 13th house of zodiac...Their leader was Joshua=Yashua,Jesus,the Sun and Son of Nun,the cosmic Sea...The EU masonic flag designed by Belgian "jew" Levy,has 12 golden stars in a circle,on the blue field...The circle is the Black Hole,the Circle is the Creator's symbol,and also the Jug/Pot from top,symbol of the Aquarian Age,where the Creator is also a Potter...The 30 silver of Christ,the Sun&Son betrayal also ended on the Potter's Field,local cemetery and place of RED CLAY for the Potter's Wheel where he remolds our world anew after the brief and chaotic Clay Age...Then arrives the Golden Age,the real reason for the golden stars or golden temples...And we also know that in the Jew Yoke City is not only the badly battered Battery Park,but also the Potters Field...The tradidional astronomy reveals that Aquarius has 14 stars in the main body and 16 stars in the river outflowing from his Jar/Pot,totalling 30 stars,as the 30 silver,or 30 letters in the used airlines on 9/11,United Airlines + American Airlines! There is also 30 dots on the famous LID of Pakal,the solar(enlightened=Ahaw or Ahau) king of Palenque/Naga City...The END TIME year of 2019 is encoded in 9/11 attacks twice,just as the Target Year of 2013(repolarisation of our potent Sun),when our Earth suppose to repolarise with an enormous Earth crust movement! The next North Pole suppose to be around the Siberian Baikal Lake,and new South Pole in the central Chile...The rest is in END TIME and 2019,book,accessible also on Google...Hence,in our dual and bipolar world,the masonic,Talmudic double-talk also does all things twice...First,it was Abu NIDAL and his Black September carried out by Mossad hijackings of the 4 US planes in the 70's now repeated in the Talmudic "abracadabra" as LADIN,Bin(Ladin=Nidal backwardly) who allegedly caused another 'Black September',that of 2001! Please,visit Google-Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left On 9/11 Crime Scene!

    1. Thanks for the information, Jerry. Very interesting. I'll check out the references when I get a chance. Have you seen my other blog at
      There's lots more about Freemasonry, New World Order, End Times, Planet X and more over there. You might find it interesting

    2. Please,note National Geographic Magazine from February 1989,pages 140-185,displaying the Maya and Biblical (as one)calendar in 22,resp.24 US SKYSCRAPERS architecture,which is also a premature CONFESSION by the Blue lodge to 9/11 coming 11 years and 7 months in the future! It is divided into 5+13+4 buildings,but since the 13 starts and ends by two sets of TWIN TOWERS,it is also total of 24 buildings! The first TWIN TOWERS are the Monadnock TWIN TOWERS of Chicago,the birthplace of modern skyscrapers,and the 13 buildings ends by the DEMOLISHED (by Blue lodge) the TWIN TOWERS of Jew Yoke City...MONAD means CREATOR... The 'REJECTED CORNERSTONE' skyscraper,known as Chrysler bldg.,symbolises Christ-our potent Sun (and Son)...It has 77 floors,as there is 77 generations from Adam to Christ...This was also the reason why the zionist Blue lodge used AA Flight 77 (missile in reality) into the Pentagon-which symbolises the female stargate as the Biblical Pentateuch,or simply,pentagram...Flight 77 was the male stargate-violent attack on the female,from Western side into the NAVY(ocean=water=Milky way heavenly ocean) between 4th and 5th stairways(square+penta once again confirmed by the Talmudic double-talk Blue lodge,doing all twice in our duall and bipolar world)...This AA 77 Flight had allegedly turned 270* arc degrees westward,into the Pentagon...INRI has dual meaning,for the masons it is In Nature Renovatur Integra,and INRI has the yiddish gematria value of 270! It stands also for Iesus Nazarene Rex Iudaeourum,symbolising hence the male falus violently penetrating the female-stargate(Black Hole-CygnusX1=Swan)...It means, our Galactic alignment of our potent(phallic)Sun with the Black Hole,and perhaps(mostlikely) Apocalypse in 2019!!! And in 2016 taking female-ANTICHRIST from Amaruca=America over the world...Hillarious (masonic jewess)Clinton??

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